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 who we are.

oa:tis is a new founded establishment, owned by stand-alone artists. We are combining the addiction to natural arts of any kind and the technological know-how to realize your projects. We have made it our task to develop individual solutions. Bringing together qualified artists and skilled developers is our way to work on your requests. Supported by young tradesmen we can create marketing solutions or bear up your own ideas.

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 what we do.

In the last couple of years our stuff and associates have been employed for companies and individuals. We have created strategies for selling different kinds of products. We designed websites, developed webstores, improved inventory control systems and illustrated children's books. Our field of work is a crossroad! Over and above we have designed logos, banners, advertisements and we are still looking for new challenges!

For individuals we are offering photo editing services. We can prettify your holiday pictures, restore distructed images or convert a simple picture into a job application portrait.

Not enough? We are working together with young and creative film artists to provide you the creation of advertising spots and music videos. And we are doing even more on request. 



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you deserve it.

Imagine you would visit a restaurant and you would like to eat pizza. What would your order sounds like? Would you order "a pizza"? I think you would insist to get your favorite type of pizza, because you know exactly what you want! Lets imagen it's a Tono e Cipolla extra spicy! In general you wouldn't go to a restaurant without knowing what their pizza tastes like, because you want to get a delicious pizza! You deserve delicious Tono e Cipolla extra spicy if you want it! Correct?

We can't see any differences between your favorite pizza, the perfect cake for your wedding day or your new digital project! If you know exactly what you want - no matter if we are talking about image editing or a great new web shop - you should get what you deserve! You shouldn't go to an agency where you don't know what their work will look like. Come to us!

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